Universa Web Client Release Notes

3.x beta client is available at beta.mainnetwork.io.

2.x client is available at mainnetwork.io.

For more information on Web Client, see Web Client.

v3.x releases

During the beta testing of 3.x client, it coexists with 2.x simultaneously.

v3.22.x releases

v3.22.2 (19.01.2021)

  • Better and more understandable texts for reserving U with UTN.

v3.22.1 (07.01.2021)

  • Fixed the problem with reading from the Crypto Cloud by the V2-encrypted private keys.

v3.22.0 (06.01.2021)

  • Support of encrypted private keys structure v2.

v3.21.x releases

v3.21.0 (15.07.2020)

  • Basic support of encrypted private keys (during downloading and during signing in).

v3.20.x releases

v3.20.0 (20.01.2020)

  • Edit the token contract draft.
  • View some basic information about the U pack contract.
  • Improved security checks for contract swap.

v3.19.x releases

v3.19.0 (31.12.2019)

  • Added the atomic contracts exchange.

v3.18.x releases

v3.18.1 (24.12.2019)

  • Sharing on Crypstie is added to the Wallets page too.

v3.18.0 (23.12.2019)

  • The user can now share the smarts contracts on Crypstie.

v3.17.x releases

v3.17.0 (12.12.2019)

  • Hypertoken export added.

v3.16.x releases

v3.16.2 (09.12.2019)

  • Fixed rare UTN-UTNP bug.

v3.16.1 (04.12.2019)

  • Improved the process of chat messages loading.
  • Fixed rare splitjoin bug related to the precision of operation.

v3.16.0 (27.11.2019)

  • Added the feature to send an owner-changed token contract via chat.
  • Fixed chats sorting.
  • Now showing the last message in chats list.
  • Now showing the token owner key on wallets page.

v3.15.x releases

v3.15.0 (22.11.2019)

  • Added the ability to change the owner of token contract to any specified key address (custom split-join operation).
  • Cache contracts and list of wallets to speed up UI.

v3.14.x releases

v3.14.1 (20.11.2019)

  • Speed up the checking of contract states.
  • Now the cloud sync process (after authentication) includes the rechecking of contract states.

v3.14.0 (18.11.2019)

  • Added support of uploading contracts (templates) from YAML files (besides the .unicon files), through the regular “Upload” button.

v3.13.x releases

v3.13.0 (18.11.2019)

  • Improved contract state check (consensus) processing.
  • Visually mark “new” contracts.
  • Improved network registration process
  • Improved split-join logic.
  • Prevent automatic registration on token contract creation.
  • Added capability to set the expiry date in token contract creation form.

v3.12.x releases

v3.12.0 (30.10.2019)

  • Custom contract editor.

v3.11.x releases

v3.11.1 (30.10.2019)

  • Improved handling of owner field during some special combination of conditions during split-join operation.

v3.11.0 (12.09.2019)

  • Notary contract support added.

v3.10.x releases

v3.10.3 (19.08.2019)

  • Added support for contracts which state.roles section contains an array.

v3.10.2 (13.08.2019)

  • Support of the new roles storage schema (in the contracts data).

v3.10.1 (06.08.2019)

  • Less unnecessary updates of contracts from the CryptoCloud.
  • Added the feature to show only the APPROVED contracts (ignoring various REVOKED/UNDEFINED).
  • Added contracts grouping for all types of contracts.

v3.10.0 (05.08.2019)

  • Sending any contract via chat is now supported.

v3.9.x releases

v3.9.1 (05.08.2019)

  • Chat messages are being loaded faster now.
  • Fixed nicks display in chats.

v3.9.0 (31.07.2019)

  • Besides registering in Mainnet, registering in Testnet is now also supported; Mainnet U and Testnet U stocks are displayed independently.

v3.8.x releases

v3.8.1 (30.07.2019)

  • Fixed some problems with logout, especially on Safari.

v3.8.0 (08.07.2019)

  • UTN delivery is now supported on the beta branch, too.

v3.7.x releases

v3.7.10 (10.06.2019)

  • Added the support of contracts with amount being a non-string value and a borderline case with repacking of the same number.

v3.7.9 (10.06.2019)

  • Fixed the error causing some web1-originated contracts be displayed as UNDEFINED.

v3.7.8 (07.06.2019)

  • Added the option to choose the owner key for UTN-U transactions.

v3.7.7 (19.04.2019)

  • Fixed the UTN-U transaction not switching to “failed” status sometimes.

v3.7.6 (17.04.2019)

  • Fixed the loading of the large/complex heavily nested objects from Crypto Cloud.

v3.7.5 (16.04.2019)

  • Fix for parcel creation.
  • Fix for contract status check after authorization.
  • If contract status could not be checked due to node unavailability, the status check is retried.

v3.7.4 (11.04.2019)

  • CryptoCloud connection now explicitly uses the key used for authorization.

v3.7.3 (09.04.2019)

  • Split-join calculation fixes.
  • Added helpers to control contract TTL.

v3.7.2 (01.04.2019)

  • Homepage is always visible even when the user has not logged in.
  • Added tooltips for minimized sidebar.

v3.7.1 (31.03.2019)

  • Web client updates for better node connectivity (including support for HTTP/2).

v3.7.0 (27.03.2019)

v3.6.x releases

v3.6.5 (25.03.2019)

  • New homepage design.

v3.6.4 (21.03.2019)

  • During the token split, now only one of the siblings explicitly “revokes” the source contracts of the split (required for 3.9.1 network).

v3.6.3 (14.03.2019)

  • IndexedDB is now used for temporary data storage instead of LocalStorage; that should both improve the UI performance and smoothness, and get rid of the browser limits on storage size.

v3.6.2 (13.03.2019)

  • On the wizard-created contracts, the default expiration time is now 5 years since the contract creation.

v3.6.1 (13.02.2019)

  • Fix for the cloud sync with 2.x data.

v3.6.0 (30.01.2019)

  • Buying the ultratokens.
  • The chats now contain proper nicks/names instead of “anonymous”.
  • You can now send tokens without requiring any approve from the receiver.

v3.5.x releases

v3.5.10 (25.01.2019)

  • Fixed the split-join operation for the tokens owned by different private keys.

v3.5.9 (17.12.2018)

  • Fixed the problem when a contract could be considered “undefined” or not saved in the crypto cloud in some rare cases when performing token swap operation while having the connectivity issues.
  • UTN-U reserve procedure separated for more clarity.

v3.5.8 (16.12.2018)

  • Fixed the problem with UTN-U orders which could be wrongly considered canceled in some cases.
  • New feature: ability to download the local-storage data for support requests.

v3.5.7 (16.12.2018)

  • Fixed the occasional issues for some early-made tokens (like SGT).

v3.5.6 (07.12.2018)

  • Major speedup (and general revamp) for the contract status checks procedure.

v3.5.5 (04.12.2018)

  • Fixes for transaction pack cloud saving during the split-join operation.

v3.5.4 (23.11.2018)

  • Fixed the problem during the public key import.

v3.5.3 (15.11.2018)

  • Fixed a rare split-join bug, causing an occasional situation when split-join needs to be run twice or more to be completed successfully.

v3.5.2 (15.11.2018)

  • Performance improvements on the Wallets page.

v3.5.1 (13.11.2018)

  • Added the ability to reload UTN-U order for the cases when UTN tokens seem missing.

v3.5.0 (13.11.2018)

Features and improvements:

  • The network requests are now balanced over the nodes.
  • As UTNPs can now be swapped to UTNs, reserving U for UTNP tokens directly is now disabled.
  • Added the common error handler.
  • Wallet transactions list is now enhanced and contains the from/to data.
  • The whole wallet transactions list and swap orders list can now be downloaded.
  • It is now possible to “restore” the order, recreating the order-contract.
  • The list of keys now contains the marker for the primary (associated with the current Crypto Cloud connection) private key.
  • For declined contracts, extra information is displayed on mouse hover.
  • For declined contracts, the network registration is disabled.
  • On contract uploading, a success message is now displayed.
  • After deleting a contract file, it is automatically downloaded (to prevent occasional loss of data).


  • Only resolved order can now be archived.
  • Minor mistype fixes.
  • The primary private key (used for the Crypto Cloud connection) cannot be deleted anymore.
  • Fixes for declined token contracts.

v3.4.x releases

v3.4.3 (11.11.2018)

  • Safely handle the “canceled” state during the attempt of U reservation for UTN (adding the UTN contracts to the storage).

v3.4.2 (11.11.2018)

  • Added the U balance validation before attempting to register contracts in the network.

v3.4.1 (11.11.2018)

  • The list of latest orders/transactions (inside the user profile section) has been updated to contain the order code, and the capability to download the whole order transaction pack.

v3.4.0 (06.11.2018)

Optimizations and internal improvements:

  • Updated the split-join algorithm to split tokens in batches.
  • Refactored and cleaned up the procedure of tokens sending over the chat.
  • The notifications enhanced with the capabilities of data updating and being closed by API only.
  • In the token send approval processing, the message loop pausing is fixed.
  • Added the extra protection to prevent any attempts of contract double usage (which will still fail anyway).


  • In the U-for-UTN reservation procedure, fixed the validation of maximum available U.
  • Fixed the transaction pack registration cost calculation.
  • Selector UI fixes and validation.
  • Fixed the validation of tokens amount to be sent (to be no more than the wallet balance).
  • Fixed the constantly checking of the declined contracts.
  • Fixed the “contract not exists” error.

UI/UX improvements:

  • The web client now regularly rechecks whether it has been updated, and suggests reloading when a new version is available.
  • In the UTN-UTNP swap and U-for-UTN reservation procedure, added the confirmation dialog.
  • Added the orders archiving feature.
  • In the profile, the list of transactions (swap orders) is now sorted.
  • Added the new type of notifications to indicate the loading process.
  • Added the token processing notification on splitjoin operation.
  • Added the checks/validations whether creating or sending of the tokens should be allowed.
  • The token sending process now allows a textual description to be added.
  • For the token receiving through the chat, the wallet link is now displayed.
  • Clicking the sidebar contract now scrolls to the according chat message and highlights it.
  • During the network registration process, the preloader is now displayed.
  • Prevent page reloading on important operations (such as, the network registration).
  • During the authorization, the cloud syncing is now explicitly indicated.

v3.3.x releases

v3.3.6 (31.10.2018)

  • Fix for the public key downloading format.
  • More convenient and usable name for the key files when downloading them.
  • Added the explicit method for proper public key unpacking.

v3.3.5 (29.10.2018)

  • Fixed the invalid scenario with the contract draft being considered modified by the client.

v3.3.4 (26.10.2018)

  • The transaction pack is being automatically downloaded when deleting the contract+order pair for swap orders.
  • UI fixes in mobile version.

v3.3.3 (26.10.2018)

  • Hotfix for U contract structure reader when reading U contracts with obsolete structure.

v3.3.2 (25.10.2018)

  • Fixed the contracts duplicating in some obscure scenarios.
  • Safer contract registration process.

v3.3.1 (24.10.2018)

  • Hotfix for the error with the UTN-U reserving dialog.

v3.3.0 (23.10.2018)

  • Reserving U for UTNs is now enabled, with proper UI.
  • Many fixes:
    • Fix for the duplicated order contracts problem.
    • Long key names UI fix.
    • Fix UTN-U order cloud import name.
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • Dedicated icon for UTN token contracts.
    • Added the ability to download the order transaction pack from the list.
    • In the UI of (swap) orders, it is now possible to the order contract together with the associated order.
    • Added the notification of successful contract remove.
    • Don’t hide the revoked U contracts from the list.
    • Sorting the wallet transactions and contracts.
  • Improvements for internal engine:
    • Added the cache for getAmount and getDefinition.
    • Keep orders on associated contract deletion
    • Prevent the swap order creation if such one exists already.
    • Added Sentry error logging.

v3.2.x releases

v3.2.6 (22.10.2018)

  • The failed swap orders are now rechecked after the client bootup.
  • It is now displayed whenever the swap order status is being rechecked.

v3.2.5 (15.10.2018)

  • In the list of contracts, and on the Wallets page, the key name is now displayed for the key used to sign the contract.

v3.2.4 (15.10.2018)

  • Fixed the bug with missing short name for some token contracts.

v3.2.3 (15.10.2018)

  • In the Wallets for, all the wallets for smart contracts in all state (not only Approved one) are now displayed.
  • In the list of transactions for this, you can now download the contract.
  • Proper Crypto Cloud naming in the codebase.

v3.2.2 (13.10.2018)

  • Fixed the “Key exists” issue when signing in using the private key.

v3.2.1 (12.10.2018)

  • UI hints when U or UTN amounts are insufficient to execute UTN-UTNP swap.
  • UI improvements on uploading the existing contracts or keys from file.
  • UI fix in uploading the file to have allow selecting the previously selected file.
  • During the contract deletion, the cache object is being reset.
  • After the cloud save on adding the contract or keypair, the object is now updated.
  • Updated UTN-UTNP order status checker.
  • Display the error on incorrect key file upload.

v3.2.0 (12.10.2018)

  • Web workers enabled for more reactive interface during resource-heavy operations (such as: private key generation, chat messages loading, etc).
  • Separating the Crypto Cloud module in the APIs.

v3.1.x releases

v3.1.3 (11.10.2018)

  • Fixed the bug with importing the web2.x-generated contracts.
  • “Reserve U” form cleanups (including actualizing the exchanges list).

v3.1.2 (10.10.2018)

  • Crypto Cloud access is now batched, to prevent too large/heavy downloads getting stuck for some users.

v3.1.1 (10.10.2018)

  • In the key list interface, the user can now selectively download either the public key or the private key.

v3.1.0 (06.10.2018)

  • UTN↔︎UTNP swap enabled for public testing.
  • Minor fixes for capsule serialization/deserialization.

v3.0.x releases

v3.0.4 (01.10.2018)

  • Critical hotfix of data caching.

v3.0.3 (21.09.2018)

  • The resource-consuming operations in the API are now cached.

v3.0.2 (20.09.2018)

  • Key generation form fixes.

v3.0.1 (20.09.2018)

  • The client version is now explicitly displayed. Wallet-grouping contract interface improved.

v3.0.0 (20.09.2018)

  • First public release of 3.x series, rewritten from scratch to provide more responsive and reactive interface.

v2.x releases

v2.14.x releases

v2.14.6 (21.03.2019)

  • During the token split, now only one of the siblings explicitly “revokes” the source contracts of the split (required for 3.9.1 network).

v2.14.5 (17.01.2019)

  • Fixed the tokens joining when the tokens were owned by different private keys.

v2.14.4 (06.01.2019)

  • Fixed the key address calculation in some scenarios when the CRC32 part had the leading zeroes.

v2.14.3 (13.12.2018)

  • Minor change for the U reserving dialog texts.

v2.14.2 (12.12.2018)

  • Updated the capsule detection logic for the capsule to show in local contract explorer.
  • Fixed the RoleList address list determination helper.

v2.14.1 (12.12.2018)

  • Fixed the key packing procedure during adding a new contract.
  • Fixed sending the heavy notary contracts over the chat.

v2.14.0 (06.11.2018)

  • In the key list, there is now an explicit marker for the primary account key.

v2.13.x releases

v2.13.14 (25.10.2018)

  • In the mobile interface of the key list, added the key download button to the keys.

v2.13.13 (16.10.2018)

  • Hotfix for UTN calculation when reserving the minimal U pack.

v2.13.12 (13.10.2018)

  • Fixed the U contract filtering.
  • Balance fixes.

v2.13.11 (06.10.2018)

  • Actualized the list of UTNP exchanges.

v2.13.10 (06.10.2018)

  • Fixed the rare bug of float serialization to octet array.

v2.13.9 (20.08.2018)

  • UTNP-related text corrections.
  • Fixed the issue with account loading (forward compatibility) in case if the contracts from the future version of web client are found.

v2.13.8 (20.08.2018)

  • Fixed the issue with sending the contracts to the long addresses.

v2.13.7 (14.08.2018)

  • The draft UTN contracts are not considered or used anymore for automatic U reservations;
  • DECLINED-state contracts can now be downloaded as single-contract-only.

v2.13.6 (02.08.2018)

  • U/UTN reservation rate display fixed at “Reserve more” page.

v2.13.5 (27.07.2018)

  • Backward compatibility issue fixed for notary contracts;
  • The contract explorer now displays the nesting level in data sections properly.

v2.13.4 (26.07.2018)

  • Key selection widget displaying fixed.

v2.13.3 (24.07.2018)

  • Fixed the page jumps when removing the contracts or rechecking the states.
  • Modal confirmations added for removing the keys and contracts.
  • Contract states can now be refreshed with the “Refresh” button.
  • U reservation text corrected.
  • When transferring a contract using the short/long address, a suggestion is displayed to download the contract and pass it to the receiver using any non-CryptoCloud way, when the chat contact cannot be determined from the address.
  • Fixed the contact detection (and contract sending over the chat) when attempting to transfer a contract using the short/long address.
  • Fixed the negative balance displayed when U package is over.

v2.13.2 (20.07.2018)

  • Fixed the “U reservation for UTN” order occasional duplication and ordering.
  • Fixed the occasional U contract duplication.
  • The keys of other parties are not implicitly added to the key list automatically anymore.
  • Fixes for key loading/merging from the cloud.
  • Fixes for owner address display inside explorer.

v2.13.1 (12.07.2018)

  • U auto-reserve is disabled by default.

v2.13.0 (11.07.2018)

  • UTN tokens can now be used to reserve U.
  • U reserve can now be auto-topped-up if you have sufficient amount of UTN tokens.

For more details, see Web Client: U Balance KB page.

v2.12.x releases

v2.12.7 (05.07.2018)

  • Fixed the issue with logging out.
  • Less debugging info.

v2.12.6 (05.07.2018)

  • Fixed the UI problems wih key selection in token receiving dialog, that could occur on some browsers.
  • Fixed the issues when the local time significantly differs from the network time.

v2.12.5 (04.07.2018)

Fixed the Safari-specific problems on tokens receiving.

v2.12.4 (02.07.2018)

  • When the user is uploading the .unikey file and does not provide the key name, it is taken from the file name.
  • The recovery procedure is added at the “Universa is loading” splash screen in case if it is stuck loading.
  • In the contract information, the origin ID is now properly displayed for origin contracts.

v2.12.3 (02.07.2018)

  • Removed the temporary warning about the Universa Pack purchase suspension.
  • The repeated displaying of the same contracts that could occur when the contract are requested multiple times, is now deduplicated.

v2.12.2 (01.06.2018)

The overall contract information (available when you click on the specific contract header) now displays who is the owner of the contract. For all the contracts controlled by any of the keys available to you, it should be displayed as “OWNER (You)”.

v2.12.1 (30.06.2018)

Added the temporary warning about the Universa Pack purchase suspension during the UTN retrieval.

v2.12.0 (28.06.2018)

  • A complete Universa pack purchase can be reclaimed just by its order ID.
  • U balance calculation fixes.
  • Text cleanups.

v2.11.x releases

v2.11.5 (27.06.2018)


  • Text tweaks for the form of token claim;
  • No “Decline” button if cancel_url is undefined (as in the UTN case);
  • Token claim form displaying logic is improved to prevent its possible disappearing.

v2.11.4 (27.06.2018)

Cancel order button is now optional.

v2.11.3 (23.06.2018)

Fixed the heading when the order status switches to “ready”.

v2.11.2 (23.06.2018)

Text and styling fixes.

v2.11.1 (22.06.2018)

When a contract from external issuer is received, the transaction pack (containing the contract) is being automatically downloaded.

v2.11.0 (22.06.2018)

Supports the integration with external token/contract issuers.

v2.10.x releases

v2.10.6 (13.06.2018)

Now when you download the contract from the Web Client, you receive a transaction pack (.unicon file) where the contract you’ve selected is set as the primary one (assuming the contract is in APPROVED state). The transaction will still contain all the other contracts (so the whole pack is valid).

v2.10.5 (08.06.2018)

The cancelled U purchase orders are double-checked on the client startup, to give out the purchases which were wrongly cancelled.

v2.10.4 (06.06.2018)

Fixes for token conversion orders display.

v2.10.3 (15.05.2018)

All contracts can now be edited in the full contract editor. Do it at your peril!

Fix for the full contract editor: no more force-scrolling when the contract is refreshed.

v2.10.2 (15.05.2018)

Fix for a sporadic bug with mintable token sending out. Favicon added.

v2.10.1 (10.05.2018)

Hotfix for mintable token validation.

v2.10.0 (09.05.2018)

Mintable token contract template added, with such extra features like the interface to issue more tokens for a mintable token. For mintable contracts, its unique per-token information (to distinguish the token from other similarly-named ones) is in its “Issued by” field; so this field is displayed in the wallets for these tokens, instead of “Origin ID” field (as for non-mintable tokens). Various GUI fixes and textual tweaks.

v2.9.x releases

v2.9.4 (03.05.2018)

Maintenance completed, “Maintenance and heavy load” warning removed.

v2.9.3 (03.05.2018)

Fix for the primary sibling detection for the token split procedure. “Maintenance and heavy load” warning added.

v2.9.2 (02.05.2018)

The default api_level for the contract operations is now 3. More fixes for hypertoken functionality description and wording.

v2.9.1 (02.05.2018)

Some fixes for hypertoken functionality description and wording. Fix for the signature information displaying.

v2.9.0 (29.04.2018)

Contract details displaying added:

  • A contract can be displayed externally, on the universaexplorer.com site.
  • Also, it can be displayed locally, when the user clicks its title.

Many visual and formatting fixes.

v2.8.x releases

v2.8.7 (27.04.2018)

Logging out of client/chat now cleans up all the data.

Various fixes:

  • Fix for new roles addition in the full contract editor;
  • Fix for API calls of hypertoken purchase functionality.

v2.8.6 (27.04.2018)

Contract title format corrected.

Hotfix for sending the updated profile to every chat contact (when you change your profile details).

Added the feature of sending the contract in the chat, altering the contract owner in process.

v2.8.5 (26.04.2018)

The hypertoken purchase form enabled back, after some token rewording.

Hotfix for new contact add to the chat.

v2.8.4 (25.04.2018)

As a preparation for hypertoken renaming/rewording, the hypertoken purchase form temporarily switched off.

v2.8.3 (25.04.2018)

Hotfix for uBTC hypertoken purchase.

v2.8.2 (25.04.2018)

Hotfix for hypertoken purchase form.

v2.8.1 (25.04.2018)

Hotfix for the aggregation of tokens into the wallets.

v2.8.0 (25.04.2018)

Hypertoken purchase (for BTC and ETH at the moment) is available for a public beta test; other features are approaching.

v2.7.x releases

v2.7.0 (17.04.2018)

The split-join contracts (tokens and alike) now display not just the currency symbol/name, but also some unique binary identifier. This prevents confusing between multiple currencies (probably, even issued by different issuers) which are named similarly. For non-mintable contracts/tokens, the hashId of the origin contract is displayed; for mintable, the tuple of issuer address and the short name (which are normally used to split/join such mintable contracts).

v2.6.x releases

v2.6.1 (14.04.2018)

Contracts are now being imported and exported using the Transaction Pack binary structure (previously they were serialized as Capsules). The Capsule import is still supported, too.

v2.6.0, codename “Mainnet” (12.04.2018)

Mainnet has been launched and announced.

v2.5.x releases

v2.5.4 (12.04.2018)

Signature internals tweaked.

v2.5.3 (10.04.2018)

Some U-related interface cleanups.

v2.5.2 (05.04.2018)

On the “U” purchase dialog, it is displayed now if the promo code is invalid.

v2.5.1 (04.04.2018)

In the “U” purchase dialog, the return/refund address field is now optional in case if the promo code is used.

v2.5.0 (02.04.2018)

Internal message structure updates for transaction serialization.

v2.4.x releases

v2.4.0 (18.03.2018)

Besides the public key, the user can be identified by the address (or multiple addresses). The addresses are available in the key list; also, the interface of the contract templates is updated to support the addresses as well.

v2.3.x releases

v2.3.3 (12.03.2018)

Hotfix for create_at handling in some obscure scenarios.

v2.3.2 (08.03.2018)

Hotfixes for transaction type detection when the transactions are sent out from contract list, for repeated token sending out, and for token sends through the chat.

v2.3.1 (07.03.2018)

Hotfix for the slow contract update from the Crypto Cloud in case of laggy networks.

v2.3.0 (07.03.2018)

Now, during the transaction registration, you can choose whether you want to register it in MainNet or in TestNet. The balance of your MainNet or TestNet transactions will be decremented accordingly (depending on the transaction complexity and therefore cost).

v2.2.x releases

v2.2.2 (06.03.2018)

Temporarily disabled the browser notifications which could cause the nasty notification loop.

v2.2.1 (06.03.2018)

Various hotfixes during Access Package purchase.

v2.2.0 (06.03.2018)

Access Package purchase page improvements:

  • The QR code is displayed for the payment address;
  • Return address validation and checksum calculation;
  • The list of products is refreshed more aggressively (to support price and availability changes).

v2.1.x releases

v2.1.3 (05.03.2018)

Cleaning up terminology and explanations of fee structure.

v2.1.2 (05.03.2018)

The default product (Access Package) to purchase is now preselected. Minor text corrections.

v2.1.1 (05.03.2018)

Hotfix for notary contract file download.

v2.1.0, codename “LaunchSequence” (05.03.2018)

Major step towards the fully functioning MainNet: you can now purchase the transactions for the Universa MainNet.

This involves two major features:

  1. A store page is launched where you can purchase the Access Packages, and pay for them in UTNP tokens (at the moment). Each Access Package include Universa (and Crypto Cloud) access for 1 year, a (generous) amount of test transactions, and some amount of regular transactions.
  2. The purchased transactions above are consumed by Universa during its operation (contract registrations). For debugging/integration purposes, you may use test transactions, which are way cheaper (though may have storage/duration limitations and should not be relied upon for any important operations). The fee for these transactions is now displayed in the user interface.

v2.0.x releases

v2.0.4 (01.03.2018)

Hotfix for account form validation.

v2.0.3 (28.02.2018)

Hotfixes for account page presentation.

v2.0.2 (28.02.2018)

Hotfix for old (deprecated) contract format decoding.

v2.0.1 (27.02.2018)

Hotfix for SHA2 and SHA3 cryptography algorithms (JS implementation) stability improvements.

v2.0.0, codename “ThreeTimesBetter” (27.02.2018)

Major backwards-incompatible change (one that required the Testnet data wipe on 27.02.2018). Before this, the hashId (that is used to uniquely identify all the contracts) was created as a (80 bytes long) result of SHA-512 (SHA-2 family algorithm) calculation. Now it is a (96 bytes long) record and is calculated as a concatenation of results from three different families of hash functions (requiring three different collision attacks to succeed simultaneously). The components of the new hashId are:

  • SHA-512/256, the strongest to the length extension attack variant of SHA-2 family algorithms; part of FIPS PUB 180-2 US Federal standard since August 2002;
  • SHA3-256, an algorithm of totally different algorithm family, SHA-3; part of FIPS PUB 202 US Federal standard since August 2015;
  • “Streebog”, a hash function defined by GOST R 34.11-2012 (ГОСТ Р 34.11-2012); Russian standard since January 2013; also covered by RFC 6986.

v1.x releases

v1.5.x releases

v1.5.0 (26.02.2018)

Added the warning message about the upcoming Testnet data wipe during “ThreeTimesBetter” release.

v1.4.x releases

v1.4.2 (22.01.2018)

Hotfix for “Send” button availability in the wallet interface for non-logged-in users.

v1.4.1 (17.01.2018)

Hotfix for visual glitch in accepting the contact requests.

v1.4.0, codename “Exchange” (16.01.2018)

New features:

  • Exchanging the contracts is now available through the peer-to-peer chat, using the interactive dialog. You can add either some amount of the splittable contracts (tokens) to the exchange transaction; or you can add any non-splittable contracts to give them away.

v1.3.x releases

v1.3.3 (09.01.2018)

Hotfix for HTML escaping in chat messages.

v1.3.2 (28.12.2017)

Hotfix for the chat being stuck on loading.

v1.3.1 (15.12.2017)


  • Fixed the issue with sending the tokens when balance is zero.
  • Visual improvement of sidebar when multiple chats are available.
  • The contract templates are now scrolled horizontally.

v1.3.0, codename “Notifier” (12.12.2017)

New features:

  • When any new message is received, an audial notification is provided and a browser notification is displayed. The browser notifications are combined and aggregated, to prevent flooding the screen with them.

v1.2.x releases

v1.2.2 (30.11.2017)

Hotfix for issue with wallets currency merging displaying.

v1.2.1 (26.11.2017)

Hotfix for documentation accessibility.

v1.2.0, codename “Notary” (26.11.2017)

New features:

  • New “Notary contract” contract template, making it possible to register the binary contents of some files, and to validate them later.
  • Audial notifications to any changes of contract state according to the Universa network.

Some problems fixed, related to the future-proof of contract storage in the crypto cloud.

Various bugfixes.

v1.1.x releases

v1.1.1 (16.11.2017)

Some bugs were fixed, related to the compatibility of contract operations between uniclient CLI and Web Client.

v1.1.0, codename “Optimal Primes” (13.11.2017)

New features:

  • Created and edited contracts can now be stored in the crypto cloud (available only under your private key).
  • The result of various network operations, especially contract registrations/validations/errors, is now displayed through the in-site notifications.

Some issues and bugs (such as problems with sending the tokens/tickets which would require to join several contracts) fixed.

v1.0.x releases

v1.0.1, codename “911 Emergency” (09.11.2017)

New features:

  • Uploading the contract from the file will verify it in Universa network automatically.
  • Clicking the contract status causes a refresh/recheck in Universa network.
  • If there is something new in wallets, they get a red mark/badge.
  • When opening a chat window, the entry field is focused by default.
  • If a contract is corrupt somehow, the previous “last approved” state can still be recovered and reverted to.

Some issues and bugs (such as during the attempts to send tokens) fixed.

v1.0.0, codename “Seven-Eleven” (07.11.2017)

First public beta release of Universa Testnet and Universa Web Client.

Testnet is now publicly open for everyone to test the contract functionality of Universa. You can use Universa Web Client to create, edit and store contracts, to communicate with other Universa users using Messenger and send the contracts, all that with maximum security.

Release highlights:

  • Create a new private key pair to login or signatures (and make sure to back it up locally for future reuse).
  • Log in, edit your account (for Messenger), the account options are stored in the crypto cloud.
  • Alternatively, create a password to be used for “Nick+Password” login, similarly to regular Messengers.
  • Create the Universa contracts, using either the predefined templates (for tokens, and for shares / votes / tickets), or using the full-featured editor.
  • In about 30 seconds of editing and writing 0 lines of programming code, you can launch your own token or cryptocurrency. 1 cent is 0.01 of a dollar; your cryptocurrency may contain units as precise as 0.000000001 of your currency).
  • You may also create the contracts that cannot be split lower that 1 whole unit (good for company shares, election votes or gig tickets).
  • Browse the Wallets, which contain all the joinable/splittable contracts in a more convenient form.
  • Find your friends by the nick they’ve made public, and start chatting with them in the Messenger.
  • “Pay out” or give out a part of the joinable/splittable contracts (like tokens or tickets), transferring them to the Messenger.
  • Download and upload the contract files locally, for backup and future safety (please note: unless they have been transferred over the Messenger, the contracts are not stored in the crypto cloud at the moment! If you don’t want to lose them, do download them locally).