Universa tokens: UTN and UTNP


  • when receiving UTN tokens, always double-check that the Origin ID is NPo4dIkNdgYfGiNrdExoX003+lFT/d45OA6GifmcRoTzxSRSm5c5jDHBSTaAS+QleuN7ttX1rTvSQbHIIqkcK/zWjx/fCpP9ziwsgXbyyCtUhLqP9G4YZ+zEY/yL/GVE
  • when receiving UTNP tokens, always double-check that the contract address is 0x9e3319636e2126e3c0bc9e3134AEC5e1508A46c7

UTN token: the Universa fuel

Making your own tokens in Universa is incredibly easy, so there are many tokens running on top of Universa.

But one of them stands aside: it is the UTN token (Universa TokeN) pre-made for you by Universa and supported by Universa infrastructure. This is the token used to pay internal network fees, so it acts as a fuel for the network.


  • Origin ID: NPo4dIkNdgYfGiNrdExoX003+lFT/d45OA6GifmcRoTzxSRSm5c5jDHBSTaAS+QleuN7ttX1rTvSQbHIIqkcK/zWjx/fCpP9ziwsgXbyyCtUhLqP9G4YZ+zEY/yL/GVE

    The Origin ID is most important in Universa ideology for fixed-supply tokens, always check it to be sure you have a real UTN token! Any other Universa token with a different Origin ID address will not be supported by Universa as a full-featured Universa UTN token no matter how it is called!

  • Unit Code: UTN

  • Unit Name: UTN – Universa Token

Technical details


UTN root token contract is UNDEFINED

Q. Why is the UTN token status displayed as UNDEFINED in UniversaExplorer?

A. Because the root contract itself has been spent once already, after some first operation caused its “split” to subcontracts.

After the token contract is spent (split to subcontracts), its status becomes REVOKED automatically. The spent contract is considered unusable now, these are the generated subcontracts which are valid since this moment.

15 days after the contract becomes REVOKED, the network decides that it is just a waste of space to store the status for this contract, as it is unusable anyway. So it just “forgets” this contract, and its status becomes UNDEFINED. Both UNDEFINED and REVOKED status mean “effectively unusable”.

Double-spending UNDEFINED token contracts

Q. As the root UTN contract is UNDEFINED now, can it be registered again, so a whole new tree of UTN contracts appears, making it a double-spend/double-issue?

A. No, there is a different protection here. The contract can never turn from REVOKED to UNDEFINED earlier, than it becomes unregisterable due to being created too long ago.

When you try to register a contract which has been created (and note the creation time is stored in the contract binary!) too long ago, the node rejects that for this reason.

UTNP token: like UTN, but on Ethereum

For the people who wanted to have the UTN-like token but on already available platform (like, Ethereum), we have a UTNP (Universa TokeN Placeholder; sometimes called UTN-P) launched.

Exchange rates

See the exchange rates of UTNP token from CoinMarketCap:


  • Address: 0x9e3319636e2126e3c0bc9e3134AEC5e1508A46c7

    The contract address is most important in Ethereum ideology, always check it to be sure you have a real UTNP token! Any other Ethereum token on a different address will not be supported by Universa as a full-featured Universa UTNP token no matter how it is called!

  • Decimals: 18

  • Symbol: UTNP

Technical details

How to buy


One way to purchase the UTNP tokens is to use the exchanges. They are usually intended to let you buy and sell various amounts of cryptocurrencies, tokens or other assets. To buy or sell UTNP tokens, you may need to register at these sites, validate yourself (perform various KYC – know-your-customer – procedures, such as providing the photo of your passport), and then you will get the access to depositing, withdrawing and trading interface. Please check the depositing, withdrawing and trading limits at the exchange you want to use, as well as other limitations and requirements this exchange may have, before using it.

Currently, you can purchase UTNP token at these exchanges:

Note that the technical implementation of UTNP token makes it impossible to work on various decentralized exchanges (DEXes). In particular, the following decentralized exchanges DO NOT SUPPORT UTNP token:

  • EtherDelta;
  • IDEX;
  • ForkDelta.


If you don’t need to trade the UTN/UTNP tokens, but just need to get them once, you can use the exchangers. The exchanger sites provide just the convenient interface of quickly buying or exchanging some amount of tokens, without much burden. Please check the fees and the requirements of the exchanger before using it.

Currently, you can purchase UTN and UTNP tokens at this exchangers:

  • Coins.black:
    • To purchase UTN, you need to specify the nickname you are using in your web client account. The nickname should be created in advance, and be searchable.
    • To purchase UTNP, you need to specify the Ethereum address of your wallet.


Feel free to discuss these tokens various questions related to exchanges in the following Telegram groups: