Universa Style Guide

Use the links below to learn the guidelines about the Universa visual style (you may consider it a Universa brand book).

The Style Guide is available in 🇬🇧English and 🇷🇺Russian, click the appropriate link to see it in preferred language.

Each of them contains the following sections:

  • Logo – read this to find out what version Universa logo you should take for your usage scenarios! Click the links in the document to download the logo in the formats most compatible to your media (vector sources are available). Full logo or graphics only? full color or monochrome? on light or dark background? large high-resolution version or tiny icon-size one? – find the proper logo for every case.
  • Fonts – learn the official fonts and typographics to be used in Universa-related media;
  • Colors – know the exact values of the colors preferred for Universa-related media.