Consumer Products from Universa

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Besides the primary task of building the blockchain platform for using the smart contracts in a way most intuitive for real-world enterprises and governments, the Universa team has already built a number of products for consumer usage.

Some of them are to be used with Universa Blockchain, some of them use Universa Blockchain internally, some of them just share the Universa Blockchain security/cryptography ideas or the attitude to the security and cryptography – all of them can be used by you freely.

Universa Web client

The convenient de-facto standard web client for using the Universa Blockchain: manage your smart contracts (and tokens), transfer/receive them to other users. Some chat capabilities with built-in smart contract/token transfer support.

The pre-made templates and wizards let you create some smart contracts for typical cases (like, mintable or non-mintable tokens). (Thanks to the Universa blockchain internals) the contracts can be atomically exchanged by the users – they do not even get in any “limbo”, “stuck”, “hanging” or “locked” – all of them either still belong to their previous users (and can be used by them at any moment) or change hands atomically and can now be instantly used by new users (without waiting for any number of “confirmation blocks” to be mined by the network).

All data in web client is end-to-end encrypted – it is only the user who stores their secret key and performs the operation; without the user key, nobody not even the Universa’s IT personnel has no access to the actual (decrypted) user data and cannot either alter it or even perform the surveillance operations. And the industry-strong cryptography makes sure that without the user key, the data cannot be decrypted in any reasonable time or with any reasonable resources.

For more details, see the dedicated KB section on Universa Web Client.


The pastebin-like site with unique end-to-end encryption, so that even the server doesn’t know the data what it stores.

Only the user who shares the actual link – and the users who access the link – has enough data to decrypt what’s being stored; but the server doesn’t have the secret key, which is stored inside the link.

For more details, see the dedicated KB section on Crypstie.


End-user solution for digital document signing making the digital documents legally binding.

The country-wide solution is available in Universa B2B/B2G section; is a public case of its deployment in Tunisia.

Digital Sugar

The commodity exchange for trading raw sugar 24×7 and providing the spot sugar prices, launched in UAE jurisdiction, together with DMCC and Al Khaleej Sugar. The sugar being traded is backed by reserves stored by Al Khaleej Sugar.

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