B2B and B2G products from Universa

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UDC, or Universa Digital Currency is the Universa solution providing Digital Currency, also known as DC, ready to launch on country/region/major enterprise scale.

Known users:

  • UDinar (branded as “uDinar”) is the project of *Universa Hub Africa to implement and launch Digital Currency in Tunisia, using the licensed UDC technology underneath.


Announced in 2020 summer during the peak of COVID-19 restrictions, QRPass is the solution for deploying trusted and blockchain-verifiable QR codes for “COVID-19 curfew pass”, to let the people announce their intent and need to leave the self-isolation COVID-19 curfew for valid reasons.

Public example of deployment is available at qrpass.myonly.cloud.



Using the technology stack and cryptography approaches from Universa Blockchain, Unichat is the team-based secure and convenient communication and collaboration messenger, integrating together the team chats and the task management.


The national-blockchain-scale deployment of MyDocuments in Tunisia.


End-user focused solution is available in Universa B2C section.


Halal-digital is the system to digitally trace the history of the halal products (from the farmer to the counter), on top of Universa Blockchain technologies, being deployed in Tatarstan (Russia), as a part of republic-wide “Digital Ecosystem Halal” project, together with “Kind world for everyone” autonomous non-commercial organization and Islamic legal center.


Electronic Queue

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Electronic Queue is the whitelabel product to deploy an electronic queue for scheduling (and self-scheduling) of client appointments, for a wide variety of utilization cases – from toll booths and customs checkpoints to COVID-19 vaccination registrations and cargo unload scheduling in logistics centers. Highly flexible and ready to integrate with external hardware solutions (from security turnstiles and gate barriers to QR/RFID/camera-based scanning solutions for client identifications), as well as programmatically modular (customizable for specific client purposes, capable of storing/validating the appointment/pass/admittance data in Universa blockchain smart contracts).