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  End User Central

Assessing Universa for the first time? Receiving your Universa-based tokens? Wondering to how top-up your U balance?

  Universa Glossary

Want to know more about key concepts of Universa? What are those “smart contracts”, or how “web client” is different from a “wallet”?
Have a look at the Glossary!

  Smart Contract Designer Central

Designing your smart contract, or even the system of interrelated smart contracts?

  Node Owner Central

Going to run a Universa node?

  Universa Developer Central

Planning to connect to Universa from your own code, and access its APIs? Programmaticaly creating the contracts and Universa clients?

JS  U8 Developer Central

Want to learn U8 – Universa’s newest JavaScript runtime engine?

  Consumer Products from Universa / 🇷🇺

What products have Universa team delivered for end users?

  Business- and Government-oriented products from Universa / 🇷🇺

What products have Universa team delivered for businesses and governments?

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Telegram groups & news channels

  •  @UPlatform – 🇬🇧primary Telegram group (international, English-speaking).
    • Also,  @Universa – 🇷🇺Russian Telegram group.
  • 📢 @UniversaNews – 🇬🇧primary Universa news channel (in English).


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Universa Style Guide

If you need to use Universa logo/brand/style properly, see the Universa brand book Universa Style Guide page.

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