Uniclient is the tool that can be used as an independent command-line client (CLI) for any Universa-related queries and operations.


Download Uniclient via 🔗lnd.im/uniclient short link.

Uniclient is also available as a Docker image universa/uniclient. On a Docker-enabled platform, running Uniclient may be as easy as

docker run universa/uniclient

For more details on Universa Docker images, please read the KB article on Universa Docker images.


You can launch it on any operating system where Oracle Java or OpenJDK (JRE 1.8 or newer; tested with OpenJDK 11 as well) is available; it is tested and runs well under Windows, macOS, Linux.

Please consult Oracle Java/OpenJDK documentation for JRE installation for your platform.

For outher installation and running details, see the User Manual below.