UniChat Application Domain

The Universa Chat Service allow multiple applications to access its service using API. We also plan to allow each application with some private services, such as channels, groups and predefined contact lists, and data storage plans. It is implemented with the Application Domain notion.

The application domain provides APP_DOMAIN_TOKEN which is required to access the unichat API. It also provides a control interfce to manage application settings, such as application name (will be shown ot user in emails), rott application callback which is used, for example, in emails sent from the service, and optional passsowrd reset callback.

How to create

Get an account in the chat. Use any chat application, or register derectly in the API control panel interface at https://chat.mainnetwork.io.

Go to the https://chat.mainnetwork.io/app_domains and "create new application", fill in the application form and save it.

important. You need you application to be in ready state, the new applications means that the application is not properly configured and will be automatically deleted if registration will not be finished in 12 hours.

You'll see your APP_DOMAIN_TOKEN in the application configuration page. Copy and paste it to your code. Do not reveal it to others as improper use of it by 3rd parties may block your application and/or may disclose your application domain data.

Adding more administrators

It is possible to have manu admins (use the button in the app domain form). Administrators have the same rights as the owner except they can not delete owner from administrators. If the owner deletes self, the oldest admin will get the ownership.