Universa-backed regular DNS service allow to connect as with regular DNS or DoH protocols, replacing provider's DNS serer. These are proxying DNS requests to the existing DNS networks (ICANN-governed) unless there is corresponding actibe UNS2 contract in Universa network, in which case the DNS records from UNS2 contract are served instead.

The UNDS server is freely avaiable and ready to install on unix systems. It is a U8 module written on javascript. UDNS connects to the universa network using its IP-number based safe topology and does not depend on the TLS and DNS service availability. UDNS with Parsec.1 specifications protocols effectively replaces https, TLS and like with radically higher level of security, independence and distributed trust.

UNS2 contracts basically are self-automatically created from existing DNS records and prevent their unauthorized changes. The tools are under development yet.