UDC (Universa Digital Currency)

UDC (Universa Digital Currency) is the Universa solution providing Digital Currency, also known as DC, ready to launch on country/region/major enterprise scale.

Based on Universa Blockchain technology, it contains the high-performance and secure token/currency decentralized platform for issuing, controlling and general-purpose usage of DC, as well as advanced smart contracts engine to support the automatic and safe execution of business and legal workflows and deals. The convenient user interface allows simple QR-code based transfers and easy deployments of POS terminals for the businesses.

Known users

UDinar (branded as “uDinar”) is the project of Universa Hub Africa ( FB) to implement and launch DC (Digital Currency) in Tunisia, using the licensed UDC technology underneath.

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UDC platform supports:

  • Role-based access and management control;
  • Desktop-ready and mobile-ready web-based UI;
  • Offline registration procedure (with document validation);
  • QR code payments;
  • Business management (with intra-business role management);
    • Stores/goods/prices management;
    • POS terminals, with second-screen interfaces (for customer-visible panels).


  • Toll roads.