Smart Contract Designer Central

• Are you going to write your first Smart Contract? Make sure to read at least the Basic and main concepts article before diving in!

• Create/edit the smart contract in Universa Web Client:

• To examine the binary file of any smart contract (.unicon), you can upload it to to Universa Explorer at; for more tech-savvy people, use Uniclient to unpack/export its contents.

Basic concepts



  • Original whitepaper / 🇷🇺

  • Universa effectivenessNEW!

    Legacy pre-launch article, containing more detailed technical explanation of Universa architecture, reasoning behind it, and the smart contracts structure.

    May be outdated in minor details and not include the latest improvements in Universa network since the launch; but should provide a good overview of the technology and nice start into understanding the smart contracts.

  • Universa consensus explainedNEW!

    Another legacy pre-launch article, containing the detailed explanation about local and network consensus, how different they are and how they should be used.

  • Double spending protectionNEW! / 🇷🇺NEW!

    Here you will what exactly factors prevent the double spending in the network, and learn in much details how the Unviersa consensus procedure prevents any double spending to happen.

Use cases

  • Easy escrow – atomic contract swap

    Covers the procedure of exchanging multiple Universa smart contracts (probably tokens) between two parties, in an atomic way – so that neither party can cheat in the process and receive an unauthorized gain, without losing its own input into the exchange deal.

  • Neutrino payments: case study – zero-fee off-chain transactions.

    Suggests the smart contract usage workflow (and explains in great detail the structure of underlying smart contracts) of creating the process of off-chain payments, where a lot of micropayments may be securely transferred between parties, requiring only the initial and the final transaction to be registered in Universa Blockchain.

    May be used as a good (and well-detailed) example how the advanced logic may be implemented using the features of the smart contracts; as well as example of smart contract structure and concepts.

  • Node owner contract: the contract for the node owners to deposit the required amount of UTNs, and to configure their node.

    An overview of the structure for the node owner smart contract, and how it can be used to configure the node settings.

  • Contracts fungibility: making tokens and currenciesNEW!

    How to create the token-style contracts, including the basic explanation of how the Split-Join permission works.

Node-Side services