Receiving your Token Sale UTN tokens

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During the Token Sale, you’ve probably requested to withdraw some of your tokens as UTN tokens in the Universa Mainnet.

If you filled the withdrawal form properly, you should receive a email with all the details about the token retrieval.

Below is the latest information about the process of retrieving your tokens.

Receive your email

In the withdraw form at, you have previously defined the email address and the password to receive the UTN tokens in Mainnet.

  • The email address is used to deliver a personal email to you.
  • The password will be needed to log in to the token delivery page. This is your token retrieval password. You will need it during the following steps.

Create new account in Web Client

  1. Please visit the Universa Web Client page at You need to create a new account there. Use “Log in or Sign Up for chat and transactions” form on the left, click the underlined text.

  2. Now you see the authorization form. Click on “Register” tab, to create the new Universa credentials.

  3. In the registration form, specify “Your nick” (nickname) you want to be known in the Crypto Cloud. Check or uncheck “Anyone can find me by this nick” checkbox as you wish.

  4. To use both the Crypto Cloud and the Universa Network, you need to create your unique Private Key. Specify the convenient name for it in “Key pair name” field (or just ignore this field if you don’t care, to create a random one; you can use this name later to distinguish between your keys if you have multiple ones), and click either “2048” or “4096” link to generate the private key of the according size (in bits).

    • 2048 bits key is sufficient for most of the tasks you need.
    • 4096 bits key provides the ultimate level of security and future-proof; the transactions in the Universa network may be a little more expensive though.
  5. After your private key has been created, you’ll see a dialog to save it to the file. Do not cancel this save dialog under any circumstances: save the private key (.unikey) file to disk and keep it as securely as you can! This file is now the key for your future UTN tokens. If you lose the private key file, you lose control on your tokens, contracts and other Universa belongings!

Claim your UTN tokens

Now, finally, you need the token retrieval password you’ve specified in the form. Find the retrieval link in your personal email (under “Visit the following page and enter it there”), and click it.

WARNING: never give this link to anyone, and never reveal your token retrieval password! This link together with your token retrieval password can be used to retrieve your UTN tokens!

A dialog will open in your browser, where you must enter your token retrieval password.

After submitting the form, you’ll be redirected to the Universa Web Client page where you already have created an account.

Forgot your token retrieval password?

And what if you forgot your token retrieval password, and the form doesn’t accept it? Just sign in to your account, there it is a “Change token retrieval password” button there. Click it, and specify your token retrieval password once again, and it will work!

Receive your UTN tokens in Universa Web Client

If everything is correct, you will see the form where you select the Private Key you control. If you see the key you’ve created already and store securely, just press “Accept” button there. Otherwise, please double-check all the steps to this moment.

If you don’t receive your tokens immediately, please check the “Contracts” tab in the left menu. At the top of the page, you should be able to see (in blue) the order for your tokens, and its status.

After some time, your order will be delivered; you may see a green notification in your bottom left corner, and your UTN tokens will become available and visible in your “Wallets” tab. You also will see a dialog to download the file with the smart contract for backup.

The UTN tokens are finally in your own possession! Check the “Wallets” tab, there is now a wallet with the balance of your UTN tokens; you can find the wallet in the “Contracts” tab as well. You can do anything you want with them, and now you are the only one controlling them.

Any problems?

In case of any problems, please contact our support: write a email to [email protected], or visit our Telegram group at @UPlatform.

Want to understand the basic concepts of Universa network? Start by reading the Basics and main concepts article in our Knowledge Base!