Parsec Service Contract

This is a universa smart contract that describes parsec-aware service allowing safe connection from the client side.

Technically, it is just any universa contract that contains the following section in

    parsec: {
        serviceName: "Acme Free Silence",
        shortServiceName: "A-Free.Silence"
        serviceDescription: "Acme Inclusive Free Silence Platform",
        serviceKeyAddresses: [
            { address: string, isTest?: boolean }
            // ...
        http: string[], // http urls, better direct IP ones, like ""
        https: string[], // https urls for direct access from html pages like ""
        // other protocol urls

Such contract, if approved, means that at the specified http and https urls there are parsec 1.2 (or 1.3) hosts, most likely 1.2+1.3, which can sign its session with one of the keys with listed address. If this secion is inclded in the registered UNS2 contract, then it is parsec.1.3 service, that could be accessible by UNS2 domain.

Note that contract could contain any additional data, but this one is enough for parsec 1.x connection.