Parsec POW

Proof-of-work is, in our context, somw calculational work that is easy to check while taking considerable time to perform. This assymmetry guarantees that the client persorming POW task will use significally more calculational power than the service checking it. Such approach allows parsec services to protect some form of DDOS attacks. Important that POW mechanics is not used to protect against brutforcing human-entered passwords, where PBKDF is used instead.

POWTask is a structure describing the task to be performed, its has the discriminator fied type that contains task kind ID, for example:

    type: number, // e.g. 1
    // type-specific fields

POW type 1

This is a king of well known mining task, the client is looking for some byte sequence prepended to a given satlt to provide a result which SHA3-384 hash starts with a given number of zero bits in big-endian (LSB first) encoding. The service provides salt and leading sero sequence length, and the client calculates the result.