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Universa content types / MIME typesNEW! – the list of Universa typical file extensions and Content-Types.

Contracts fungibility: making tokens and currencies in Universa – how to create the token-style contracts, including the basic explanation of how the Split-Join permission works.

• UTN token delivery is ongoing (see Receiving your Token Sale UTN tokens).

This a collection of all technical documentation and articles about Universa, constantly being updated with the latest details and API changes.

Assessing Universa for the first time? Receiving your Universa-based tokens? Wondering to how top-up your U balance?
Want to know more about key concepts of Universa?

Designing your smart contract, or even the system of interrelated smart contracts?
Going to run a Universa node?
Planning to connect to Universa from your own code, and access its APIs?

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Telegram groups & news channels

  •  @UPlatform – 🇬🇧primary Telegram group (international, English-speaking).
    • Also,  @Universa – 🇷🇺Russian Telegram group.
  • 📢 @UniversaNews – 🇬🇧primary Universa news channel (in English).


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Universa Style Guide

If you need to use Universa logo/brand/style properly, see the Universa brand book Universa Style Guide page.

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