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Actual Universa network status


On April 10, 2018, the AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session related to nodes has been held with Alex Borodich. Many of the most regularly asked questions were answered. See the nodes AMA session in Telegram.



  • RAM: 32+ Gb
  • Storage: SSD RAID 10, 200+ Gb (will be verified by hdparm; HDD not allowed)
  • CPU: Intel Xeon CPU, 16+ hardware cores
  • Internet connection: at least 1 Gbps up, 1 Gbps down



  • OS: Debian Linux stable/stretch 9.8+ amd64. At the moment, no other Linux distribution is allowed; older or testing/unstable/mixed Debian also disallowed.
  • Server pre-configuration / 🇷🇺NEW!

Licensing and configuration

To obtain the single node license, you must have and be ready to lock down 1 000 000 UTN. The deposit of UTNs and the configuration of the node is performed using the Node owner contractNEW!.