Minicrypto Java library

On Android, the full-featured Java API may be unavailable, as many classes it uses are present only in newest Android SDK levels.

In such scenarios, to perform the basic operations (needed for Universa network access, Crypto Cloud etc) in your mobile app you can use minicrypto library, containing the bare minimum of cryptographic functionality, adapted for Android limitations.

See its source code at  UniversaBlockchain/minicrypto-java.


Features available:

  • BOSS serialization.
  • Safe58 encoding.
  • RSA private and public keys, with all Universa-specific operations (like, RSA-OAEP encoding and RSASSA-PSS signatures).
  • Key addresses.
  • AES cryptography, PBKDF2 key derivation and so on.


To add it to your code, add Universa’s Maven repository dependency to your project (see Maven repository for details). To access the minicrypto features, use the following data:

  • Group ID: com.icodici
  • Artifact ID: minicrypto
  • Version: 3.8.2