KISS: key identity source service

The protocol allowing creating services that will provide personal data of the key holders, based on (normally) some KYC service.

The idea is, the KISS service provide to the client the personal ID (restricted to details determined by the person).

The goal is to provide several layer of personal data visibility based on some security token provided by the person in question.

API preliminary

Check contract

This call check whether the contract defition is known to the system and could be positively identified as one of the known and trusted to KISS:

POST <kiss_base_url>/check_contract

with parameters:

  • contract: if encoding is JSON, base64 encoded string. Otherwise, the encoding should be form-milipart fileupload.

returns the common response, if the contract is know, else status 404.

Success reponse sample:

    status: 'OK',
    contract_type: 'token_currency',                // stable
    currency_foreign_currency: 'ETH',
    currency_exchange_provider: 'cxp:URS'
    contract_owner: 'Universa Exchange Service',    // stable
    currency_short_name: 'uETH',                    // stable
    currency_long_name: 'uETH'                      // stable
    currency_small_icon: none,
    currency_medium_icon: none,
    info_url: uns://    // stable, (1)
  • info_url: bu submitting the contract to the service, it is possible to retreive available action using CTP service discoverry format (also preliminary).


  1. note that this is uns protocol, so the host name can not be resolved by world compromized DNS but has to be retreived with uns service.

The field set is the work in progress, marked as stable mist likely will not be changed