KB content editing

Markdown syntax

The pages recognise the markdown format with some wiki-like extensions.

To insert new link use [ [ page name ] ] without spaces between braces. If the page exists, it will be linked, if not, page creation link will be introduced. Alternative forms are:

  • [ [text to show] ]
  • [ [text to show] | # <page_id> ] where <page_id> is an integer number of page in mind

important. Do not use _ and () (braces) in the page title. As for now it can cause errors.

The system will automatically update your links to the latter variant to allow page renaming without affecting existing links.

Remember, to insert non-wiki links the standard markdown syntax must be used.

File Attachments

In the "Attachments" tab you can upload files that can be attached to the page.

  • To insert new image from attachments use ![Alt text](upload_image.jpg "Image tooltip")
  • To insert new link to attachment file use [Link title](upload_file.txt "Link tooltip"). This link will download the file.

Where upload_image.jpg and upload_file.txt are attachment names.

Fenced code blocks

... are supported in the usual form:

// ...



The ending fence must match the opening one. Many languages are supported, such as ~~~java,~~~yml, ~~~js, ~~~sh.

Including pages

You can include page into another page just like in the Redmine wiki: {{ include(page name) }} (remove spaces). Notice that the page name can be in title|#id form too.

Use this feature to citate common blocks like structures, etc.

Drafts and autosaves

When you start working with a page, the personal draft is created for you. It saves automatically as you type. You can always return to it if you leave the editor page, by requesting editing the same page again, you'lll get your draft at the very last state, and you never will loose your work.

Merge changes

If someone else will change the page you are working with, the system will automatically detects and merge non-conflicting changes and leave conflicts for your resolution in the same way git does it, similar and simple. You will option to return to editing the merged text (you should check and approve automatic merge even if there were no conflicts), otherwise you can drop your changes or overwrite the page with our version.

No more need to worry somebody else will update the page in progress, no more loosing your work or manual merges. Enjoy!

Graphs and diagrams

We have incorporated mermaid diagrams and minimal font awesome support, see inline mermaid for more!

Advanced features

For more features, see https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet.

draw.io diagrams

To insert new diagram from attachments use ![Diagram alt text](diagram_234.png "Demo draw.io diagram tooltip") as simple image:


BPMN diagrams

To include an existing BPMN diagram, you must use: {{bрmn(title|#123)}}.

If the diagram does not exist, then you can use: {{bрmn(title)}}. This will create a link to create the diagram (if the user has the necessary rights).


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