Glossary: UBot

UBot is a JavaScript-based executable code that runs on the decentralized cloud of UBot servers and is capable to add any Turing-complete dApp-style based logic, using the well-known JavaScript language and basically all its computational force and features (including access to the external oracles). If Universa smart contracts are the data (stored and validated by Universa), UBots are the code.

Contrary to the other blockchain/DLT services having various dApp-running features, the code in the UBots is not what makes the smart contracts smart (the role-permission based model and the references is). But it perfectly complements the existing smart contract features, making it possible, for example, to create/sign contracts in decentralized and automatic way.

Note the UBots are not intended to be executed on the same environment as the existing Nodes, therefore not impeding the performance of the Universa Mainnet.

For more details, see the UBots overview article.