Client of the Universa Network is, broadly speaking, any application (service, site, library, API) capable of connecting to Universa Network, create or edit the smart contracts somehow, register them in the network and validate as needed.

General-purpose official clients

There are several pre-made Universa clients (both applications/services, and programming APIs) providing wide spectre of features working with the smart contracts in general.

Some general-purpose Universa clients for end users (see also the End User Central for other important articles):

  • Web Client – a full-featured web application with friendly user interface, providing most features to work with the Universa smart contracts. Uses the Crypto Cloud as the Client Data Storage.
  • Uniclient – CLI (command-line interface) application for advanced users and software developers. For the Client Data Storage, uses the local filesystem of the computer where it is executed.

There are some APIs and software libraries to access the Universa network from your code, using various languages (Java/Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, etc). For more details on Universa client APIs/libraries, see the Software Developer Central.

Third-party clients

Broadly speaking, if an application uses the Universa network somehow – it is a Universa client.

Functionality of such clients depend on how they are going to use the Universa Network. For example, some “crypto-kitties” style game may act as a Universa client, connecting to the Universa network; and, if each “cryptokitty” has its own smart contract, this game will update the smart contracts, register them, using some nifty and playable game interface. The client functionality will obviously be limited, though – supporting, most likely, just the smart contracts important for this game.

Another, more actual example: as service is using Universa to register each version of the document, it acts as the Universa client as well. It is not a general purpose client, either; it has no need to support other smart contracts besides those needed for the functionality of MyDocuments service.