Identification is a procedure of finding a person based on ones' live selfie video. The person should be first registered with the system using the onboarding procedure described above. The selfie should be saved to a file, preferably, with provided android activity described below. The current set of requirements to the selfie video should match requirements of the server installation used with the library, consult your served documentation for it.

To perform identification:

val result = FFLIdentification(api).perform(selfieMp4File)

Where api is an instance of FFLApi class described above, and sselfoeMptFile is a name of a valid mp4 video file stored locally.

The result value of type [LiveIdentificationResult] either contain a corresponding dossier or information about error. The following code illustrates it:

when (FFLIdentification(api).perform(selfieMp4File)) {
    is LISuccess -> {
        // found
        println("user found: ${}")
    is LIBadVideo -> {
        println("video is not good, record it again")
    is LINotFound -> {
        println("video is OK, no matching face is found")

    is LIFailed -> {
        println("unexpected error (for example, network failed)")


Please consult full documentation of LiveIdentificationResult and FFLIdentification class for most up to date information.