Chat User record

Is returned in may chat API objects. The own record has more fields as most user information is not disclosed to others.

  "user": {
    "id": 290,
    "nick": "test_user_1",
    // private fields:
    "email": "[email protected]", 
    "searchable_nick": true,
    "confirmed_at": "2018-10-14T22:40:55Z"   
     "auth_token": "ZWuzrbsnXivG6J1wrhagWEhDDR_kfigGzIOCRbyLNA_ZiYBDepngE2Xv2",
     "avatar": {"full":<string_url>,"small":<string=_url>} // or null

fields marked as private are only shown to the user in me call. The rest are public fields visible to anybody. If confirmed_at is null, the email confirmation should be passed as soon as possible. Avatar, if present, has always 2 images: full and probably reduced, could be the same if original image was too small.

You can use is_online attribute to check whether user is online or offline.

Available status attribute values: NULL, "away", "busy" and "do_not_disturb"